David Seah

BluOcean Technology has provided a professional and Effective SMS Solution to us. The SMS system was deployed with ease in a very short time and product support response from BluOcean was Very Satisfactory.

David SeahIT Manager, ERA Realty Network Pte Ltd

We will use the No 1 system that has meet our stringent requirements – fast, stable, secured. Powerful system Saving Tons Of Hours. BluOcean SMS, a must have for all business.

With BluOcean SMS Broadcast System, We Can Do Our Marketing Without Worrying About Forgetting About Anything. It can preset our messages to be sent out on the exact day and time that we want. Now we can have a peace of mind.


AngelBusiness Development Manager, Osstem Singapore Pte Ltd,
Mr Che Pereira

BluOcean SMS Marketing Software is the fastest and easiest way to inform our tons of customers about promotion, new events and many other marketing activities and Bring In Massive Sales. The Results Are Superb!

Mr Che PereiraGeneral Manager, T Group Pte Ltd
Crystal Lim

We used to spend tons of hours to send SMS every week. With BluOcean SMS Broadcast Software, it takes only minutes. BluOcean SMS Software Completely Exceeded Our Expectations. Not only it save us time, save money, It Creates A Lot Of Sales. It is a must have for any business.

Crystal LimSenior Marketing Manager, Doer’s Knowledge Management Group(Singapore)
Alfee Goh

We used to spend tons of hours informing leaders and members by SMS. With BluOcean SMS Broadcast System, It Takes Only Minutes. BluOcean SMS Broadcast System is a must for anyone who is serious about growing their business andKeeping In Touch With All Clients With Just One Click. Cheers to BluOcean SMS Broadcast System.

Alfee GohExecutive Director, BNI Referral Pte Ltd
Mr Leonard Zuzarte

BluOcean Bulk SMS Software has Immediately Improved Our Customer Ordering and updating process. Many business owners are too busy to respond to emails. BluOcean Bulk SMS system is robust, easy to use and very effective. I certainly give it my stamp of approval.

Mr Leonard ZuzarteDirector, Lec Innovative Keepsakes Pte Ltd
Mr Ong

BluOcean SMS Blast Software Is The Key To Your Company Next Growth no matter what is the size of your company. If you don’t own it, you have everything to lose. If You Own It, You Have Everything To Gain. Awesome System.

Mr OngCEO, One World Group Pte Ltd
Maggie Chan

With BluOcean SMS Broadcast System, we can now Easily Increase Our Customers’ base. It Has Doubled, And In Fact Many Fold Doubled. The best thing is it helps Turn Potential Prospects Into Customers, and customers into loyal life long customers.

BluOcean SMS Broadcast System is simply the No.1 in the market. We strongly recommend it.

Maggie ChanDirector, MAP 3 Co.
Bobby Tan

BluOcean SMS Broadcast software is a MUST for any business who want to grow in this era. BluOcean SMS Broadcast Software is the ONE and ONLY choice.

Bobby TanNo.1 Business Consultant, Success Empire Pte Ltd
Bobby LIEW

BluOcean SMS is a comprehensive and well developed product. From the perspective of an end-user, it is easily installed and has simple configuration, from operation till backup and restore features. And, an easy to understand documentation is enclosed as well.

Most important, it helps us to Save Time And More Than 50% On Cost. Overall, it is a recommended system.

Bobby LIEWHead of Information Communication & Technology, Tzuchi Organization
Loh Yi Guang

BluOcean SMS helps us to inform tons of students about new courses, and adjustment in any schedules. With BluOcean SMS, my company can Easily Provide Top-Notch Support To The Customers. Thanks for your help and keep up the good work.

Loh Yi GuangCustomer Care Officer, TMT Dimension Pte Ltd
Mr. Abbas Qaizar

BluOcean SMS is A Perfect And Ideally Cost Effective Marketing & Selling solutionin today’s fast paced life for small and medium business enterprises. I myself using this wonderful gadget for more than 8 months and have never experienced any problem so far. Software is so user friendly that it took hardly 30 minutes to understand the complete features of this product. In short, If You Want To Promote Your Products / Services Then It’s A Must Buy Product For You.

Mr. Abbas Qaizar CEO, Mustafa Computer & Peripherals, Pakistan

The BluOcean software has an intuitive interface, so that It Is Simple To Use, Even For A First Timer. Importing contacts was a breeze because we could do it by excel.

We are glad we invested in BluOcean for their simple and Fast SMS Broadcast Solution.


BluOcean SMS Is Amazing! It is fast, effective, and Create Desired Results. It is also easy to use. Definitely worth what we have invested.

Benny YeoMarketing Manager, Asia Charts Pte Ltd